Book Review: Breaking Busy

Breaking Busy

When do you reach your capacity? Breaking Busy says you can identify your limits and stop saying yes to every request out of guilt. The author, Alli Worthington tells of her own pitfalls in the struggle to keep up with the demands of running a successful business and raising five boys. She shares the process she had to learn to abandon the never ending need to please, and how it provided a foundation to live out her calling.

I have to say, she stepped on my toes. I didn’t realize how comfortable I had become with my own busyness. I thought it filled a need in my heart, but Alli says it just masked the deeper need to be a people-pleasing machine. She reminds us to ask ourselves if escaping reality is easier than reducing the To-Do list. And she provides a voice of reason, by encouraging us to “be realistic about your time and energy!”

In a culture of busyness being our barometer of worth, Alli’s book is a refreshing reminder that Jesus calls us away to rest with Him. In fact, Chapter 10 might just be the most important chapter in the whole book, because it tackles the lies we believe about where our self-worth comes from. Alli gives permission to say, “We don’t have to do it all.” She calls us back to a relationship with the Lord and His Word that fills the empty places of striving. She says, “God’s Word is continually new to us because it speaks through the filter of the circumstance of life we are in.”

Do you struggle with busyness, worry, making decisions or communication? This book is for you! Alli provides the framework for weighing each opportunity, so that you can even pass up great opportunities to be ready for the best option for you. She even offers online tools to help implement the principles laid out in the book.

Get this book! It is from the heart of encourager who has learned to overcome the cycle of busyness in order to experience the fullness of life!


Disclosure: I received a copy of this book plus a book bundle from Zondervan in exchange for my thoughts and opinions of Breaking Busy.

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