Book Review: Congo Dawn by Jeanette Windle

Where is God in suffering? Why does He permit darkness in the paradise He created? Congo Dawn tells the story of woman asking those questions. Her post-Marine assignment as translator for an international corporation takes her deep into the jungle and face to face with injustice and greed. In her quest to do what’s right, Robin Duncan finds out the good guys and the bad guys aren’t always readily distinguishable.

Award-winning author and speaker Jeanette Windle knows the intricacies of living in a third world country; she grew up in Colombia. Her travels abroad add flavor to her writing and her knack for developing characters creates an intriguing story. Congo Dawn won the Golden Scroll 2013 Novel of the Year. All Saints, Jeanette’s newly released book with Michael Spurlock, is being released today as a movie

Congo Dawn raises interesting questions about our responsibility to address the injustices in front of us. In fact, Robin’s friend, Dr. Stewart says “refusing to address injustices that pushed people into rebellion was as much calling evil good and good evil as the rebels themselves.”

At a time when our country is battling racial divides and inequities, the topics tackled in Congo Dawn are as relevant as ever, to finding peaceful solutions. We cannot say we worship the same Creator, while spewing hostilities at each other. “But to make a stand against evil is always the right decision, whatever the consequences.”

Do you feel you can’t make a difference against evil? Dr. Stewart’s sister says your candle can pierce the darkness, and with others, can “make up a mighty bonfire against the night.”

Get a copy of Congo Dawn. It will entertain and enlighten you, but it will also stretch you to look at your sphere of influence in a new way!


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