Book Review & a Giveaway: The Shadow

The Shadow unveils an obsession, a budding romance, and a marriage on the rocks.

Meagan is a young woman fighting for the lives of those caught in the trafficking industry. What she doesn’t know is, soon, she will be fighting for her own life.

Cole is a Marine fighting for his sister’s life. Guilt propels him. PTSD haunts him. And his secrets shroud him.

Steve is on a mission to prove himself. He’s a hot-shot FBI agent looking to move up the ladder. But something keeps getting in his way.

Kimberly Rae has created a powerful story around the mechanisms of the drug market, pornography and human trafficking. The result is action packed, terrifying and eye-opening. She has authored 20 books and has been published over 200 times and in five languages. Her work brings awareness, yet weaves a narrative that is hard to put aside.

Rahab’s Rope, the organization woven into the story, is a real place in Gainesville, Georgia, combating human trafficking and intersecting lives with hope. For more info go to Rahab’s Rope.

When people step into the battle to help each other, lives are changed, one person, one story, one thread at a time. I am proud to be a part of this giveaway, because it brings information to light about one of the biggest problems in our generation. I am giving away a signed copy of The Shadow to one reader in the continental United States. Leave a comment on my blog (at the top of this post, under the title) about a way you have become aware of human trafficking, and you will be entered into the drawing to be held on Thursday, November 16.

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13 thoughts on “Book Review & a Giveaway: The Shadow”

  1. Thanks Sally, for your work in combating human trafficking by raising awareness of the rampant problem in our society. The thing that struck me most is the post that you made awhile ago concerning the signs for great wages to be made for those who responded to a phone number. These signs usually were posted low to the ground, only boasting an unusually high hourly rate and a phone number.
    I would love to read the book. Please keep the education and awareness coming!!!

  2. I learned about trafficking years ago on Oprah. She had women on the show that had been lured to our country from china with a promise of an education, housing. But they arrived and were kept prisoner in the homes of these people. They became their slaves. I thought awareness would bring about change but here we are twenty years later, and it’s grown worse. This books look great and I’m glad awareness is being brought to the subject.

  3. I knew that human trafficking was an issue, but never had considered that it could touch the lives of people around me until that restaurant in our area was busted! Now I am joining in the fight against it. I’d love to read the book. Thanks, Sally, for helping to extend awareness!

  4. Over the last few years it has been very important to many people in the community to help give information and share with our churches. Also for king and country put out an amazing movie called priceless that helps you become aware of what is literally happening around us.

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