Book Review & a Giveaway: Talking to Jesus

Do you ever wonder if your prayers are heard? Talking to Jesus, through the fictional depiction of real people in the Bible, assures you of the God who hears. In fact, the author’s goal is that “you’ll read your Bible with a slight shift in your mindset and find yourself talking face-to-face with Jesus anytime, anywhere about anything and everything.”

Jeannie Blackmer is the author of Talking to Jesus, as well as MomSense, Boy-sterous Living and Where Women Walked. Her work with Guideposts and MOPS International has given Jeannie a unique window into the world of people and the power of their stories.

Jeannie uses stories to escort us throughout the dusty roads of Jerusalem. Her imagery navigates conversations and introduces us to the characters like we’ve never seen them before. Jeannie’s use of fictional techniques makes the stories come alive.

At a time when people are desperate to know if God is who He says He is, Talking to Jesus brings a fresh perspective on how to reach out to Him. Indeed, it was out of desperation that Jeannie sought the Lord; she searched the New Testament for ways to pray for her own children and found comfort in the prayers of other parents recorded there. She says, “We reach a point when we realize if our children are going to follow Jesus, it won’t be because of anything we have done but simply because Jesus is who he says he is.”

Talking to Jesus comes with questions for introspection. The personal application has a sweet and endearing way of bringing you to the feet of Jesus, making prayer as easy as drawing your next breath.

Through stories, the author tackles issues of desperation, doubting, compassion, forgiveness, and desires.

Through reflection, the reader grapples with questions of significance, meaningful work, and a clash of expectations and circumstances.

This book is different than other books on prayer because of the way it presents the power of story to communicate Scripture. The author’s imagination fuels details and breathes life into the words on the page. It holds treasure to add to your daily routine!

I am giving away a copy to one reader in the continental United States. Leave a comment on my blog (at the top of this post, under the title) about a person in Scripture who inspires you to pray, and you will be entered into the drawing to be held on Friday, December 1.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


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9 thoughts on “Book Review & a Giveaway: Talking to Jesus”

  1. Wow this sounds like a really good read! Jesus himself gave us the inspiration to pray! I like the view you spoke of wishing we could see Jesus face to face when praying! How awesome that would be!

    1. Elaine,
      Jeannie Blackmer talks about the Pharisees, who saw Jesus, and says “trying to trick or trap Jesus didn’t seem like it came from the same heart as prayer does.”
      I like that comparison. It shows the difference of heart required to approach Him!

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