Book Review: The Breeding Tree

The Breeding Tree

In this riveting tale of utopian society, the characters are forced to choose between their conscience and safety. The Breeding Tree tackles important questions about right to life, and who determines whether or not a person is useful to society. Do birth defects, accidents or age dictate a person’s worth? Or, does the value of human life come from something intrinsically deeper?

J. Andersen is a budding author who understands the pace and rhythm needed to move a story. From the establishment of the Institute’s Code of Ethics, to the description of lab experiments, J. Andersen has created characters and environments that are believable and compelling. I found myself cheering for Kate and warning her about the shadows chasing her through the streets of Sector 4. I had a hard time trusting Micah, yet felt pulled to find out more about him. And Kate’s grandmother held more secrets!

The book is targeted to the Young Adult audience, yet held lessons for all ages. The storyline is fast-paced and multilayered. Fans of The Hunger Games will recognize the same thirst to rebel against an establishment that threatens life and liberty.

Fantastic book! I can’t wait to see how the ongoing story will unfold!


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