Book Review: You Don’t Know Me

You Dont know me

You Don’t Know Me begins with a mysterious goodbye. Then, Annalise Decker alludes numerous times to her fragile existence. But the reason why it’s fragile is not fully understood until her Witness Security agent shows up. To the townspeople of Deep Haven, the Deckers look like the perfect family, but inside, they’ve got their problems, too.

Her mother-in-law, Helen has secrets.

Her husband, Nathan has secrets.

Her son, Jason has secrets.

Her daughter, Colleen has secrets.

And her son, Henry wants a different life with skateboarding, rather than the one he has with soccer.

The secrets turn into a nest of lies, and Annalise wonders what the town would do if they discovered she’d lied to them over 20 years? She’s very good at lies, and doesn’t know how to separate truth from fiction any longer.

You Don’t Know Me tackles themes of integrity, trust and self-worth by fleshing out how bad choices affect those around us. And when grace and forgiveness come back into play, the Deckers learn hard times make you stronger and more compassionate. Their struggle to trust God and each other brings them to wonder, how does family stick together when their world falls apart?

Author Susan May Warren says, “I believe I am called to be authentic and honest in my storytelling. As a Christian woman, I am not interested in cardboard characters with unrealistic struggles who receive pat answers. Life can be overwhelming and at sometimes messy and confusing. Relevant faith-filled fiction deals with that and yet offers hope. I don’t presume to know all the answers. I just try and write stories about people learning to walk in faith, every day trusting God just a little bit more.”

Susan May Warren has lived up to her desire to portray real people with real struggles. You Don’t Know Me brings raw emotions to the surface and weaves them into a can’t-put-it-down-book. Bravo!


Note: I received this book as part of the Tyndale Rewards Program. I received no compensation for this review.

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