Looking for Christmas

Do you ever wonder what the wise men were thinking, as they sought the Christ child? Maybe it went something like this…

As I kneel before the babe, I wonder at the new life before me. What kind of world changer would be introduced in such humble beginnings? What manner of life would unfold to one, who of necessity, is hidden away from the rulers of the land? Why would any power be worried about an infant from a poor family?

We’ve traveled so far. My companions first told me about the phenomenon in the sky many months ago. We couldn’t help ourselves; we had to make hasty preparations for our departure. It was a pilgrimage, really, a time of soul-searching for all of us. We could be considered religious by most. Yet, we knew something was missing in our lives; some void that begged to be answered. Now, here we are, face to face with the tiniest of humans, innocence that draws us to our knees in worship of our most holy Creator. And we know, deep in our hearts, we know. This is the One  for whom we have studied our whole lives in earnest, to seek the fulfillment of our yearning. And it is the greatest honor of our days to bow in humble adoration of what God will do through one so human, yet so divine.

There’s a quote that says, “Wise men still seek Him.”

So often, I find my attention span spread thin during the holidays, and I realize I haven’t been wise. I get caught up in the season’s movies, shopping, wrapping, menu planning and lights.

It requires intentional effort to remember the real reason we celebrate Christmas. I want things to be different. I want to share the quest of the wise men, to be completely in awe of Jesus’ birth. I want to have a thirst for God that is so consuming it drives me to my knees.

May this Christmas be the time we seek the Lord’s coming; when Emmanuel, indeed comes to live with us. My wish for all of us is that the wonder of the Christ child would be born again in our hearts, every day!


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