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Title:  Jilted

Author: Varina Denman

Genre: Drama

Publisher: David C. Cook

Release Date: June 1, 2016

Lynda Turner has struggled with depression since her husband abandoned her and their young daughter fifteen years ago. Yet unexpected hope awakens when a local ex-convict shows interest. As long-hidden secrets resurface, Lynda must fight for her emotional stability and for a life where the shadow of shame is replaced by the light of love.

Jilted tells of a woman who has lost the joy of living, a man determined to draw her back toward happiness, and a town that must—once and for all—leave the past where it belongs. It is a gentle reminder that all things can work together for good.

Varina Denman handles the demons of depression with raw honesty. Her characters learn that unresolved pain turns into deeper issues; they only find restoration through confrontation. I appreciate her sensitivity toward an illness that is not easy to identify. If you had a broken arm, you would wear a cast. Depression is the result of broken links in the brain, and yet has no outward Band-Aid to warn others to approach cautiously.

Denman also tackles feelings of abandonment and grief. Throughout Jilted, Lynda Turner sees herself as a gal who looks at life as a half-empty glass. Her efforts to face life head on, only leave her depleted. However, in the end, Lynda says, “I had finally realized it didn’t matter if my glass was half full or half empty. That’s not what life was about. What mattered was that God stood behind me with a full pitcher, waiting to refill my plastic tumbler… if only I’d let Him.”

Lest you think these topics are depressing, there are other twists to the plot to keep your attention! Look at my review of Jaded, Book 1 here. And the review of Justified, Book 2 here. This has been an interesting series about a small town in West Texas and how they handle the skeletons in their past. Some that surface, literally, in Jilted, Book 3! Denman’s research into the legalities of a registered sex-offender status, the basics of wind-farm procedures and the dangers involved for workers on the turbines, and the stages of crime scene investigation all pay off to provide an exciting read!

Author Bio

Varina Denman is author of the Mended Hearts series and a native Texan. She spent her high school years in a rural town and now writes stories about the struggles women face in similar small town settings. She and her husband live near Fort Worth, where they enjoy spending time with their five mostly-grown children.

Note: I received this copy of Jilted as a part of the Radiant Lit Jilted blog tour. The book is available for purchase at Amazon.com.


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