SenseSational Christmas!

It’s been fun highlighting the five senses this week. Today, we’ll look at the fifth: the sense of touch. In what way can you add your personal touch to Christmas? Make an extra effort to send cards? Add a distinct flourish to packages? Even attention to details on a gift card can make someone feel special because their name has been emphasized.
What makes you feel cherished? Chances are, sharing that gift with someone else will bless them too. I grew up in a home where we held hands around the table as we prayed for God’s blessing on the food. We passed that gift of touch on to my family, even though it was a stretch for teenagers. Now, I’m reaping that contact with my grandchildren and I’m soaking it up!
Be generous with your hugs. We all need connection.
Terry Willits pulls it all together by saying, “The God of all Comforts came to this earth as a child and experienced for himself loving human touch. Christmas is about giving. Touch is about giving, too. And touch is a precious gift to give in our homes at Christmas. Just as Mary gave Jesus her tender touch, we can share loving touches to make our homes a place of comfort this holiday.”
Let the touches you add to your home say, “You are welcome here!”
Originally published at Sally’s Words
Leave a comment: In what ways do you add the sense of touch to your day?

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