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Book Review: Daring to Hope

In the sequel to Kisses from Katie, Katie Davis Majors returns with the heartaches that drove her to relearn how to know God and shares the beauty that comes from vulnerability. In Daring to Hope, Katie views pain as a holy invitation and invites us to not avoid suffering, but to enter into it.

Who is Katie Davis Majors? She is the mom of 14 children, 13 of whom she adopted when she moved to Uganda. Her initiative, Amazima Ministries cares for women, children and families in Uganda with education, medical care and food.

Katie says she wants others to see her messy life, so that we can see Jesus there, and to know that He will enter into our messes, too. She shares about the questions that kept her awake at night and how prayer became a lifeline as she sat beside the deathbeds of loved ones. Katie says, “God didn’t take away my pain; He held me while I hurt.”

Indeed, Daring to Hope is not just about one woman’s sacrifice for God, but about the sacrifice of all of us, as we offer our hearts for His service, right where He has planted us. Katie reminds us that we don’t have to move to another continent to make a difference for the Lord, but to view every job we have, as an opportunity to work for the Lord, there.

Do you struggle with trusting God? Katie says, “In the wrestling, He makes us who we are meant to be.”

Do you wonder if you are making a difference? Katie reminds us that loving people brings us to the very end of ourselves, so that we can truly have the heart of God.

Do you feel stuck? Katie can relate to the barren season, and wants you to know your reaching out for God is not in vain. God is who He says He is and uses delay to grow your belief in Him.

Katie’s experience of pouring herself out for the Ugandan people isn’t as much about a radical lifestyle, as it is about the hidden life of seeking God and the immense responsibility of loving well.

Get this book and be reminded of the Lord’s vast love for you. It is about a love story with Jesus and a budding romance with Katie’s husband-to-be!

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In the Foreward, Ann Voskamp says, “When you know the embrace of His love… daring to hope becomes the way you breathe.”

May you breathe in “the hard” and “the healing,” and find God there.


FTC disclaimer: “I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”