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Book Review: When God Made You

When God Made You opens from an attractive cover, showcasing movement and anticipation, into an explosion of color and prose. The ensuing pages do not disappoint, as the theme carries inside to fill up the pages with radiant action and a play on words.

The author, Matthew Paul Turner is a best-selling author, writer, storyteller, photographer, speaker and blogger. He has traveled considerably around the globe with World Vision. Matthew lives with his family in Nashville, TN.

The artist, David Catrow is primarily a writer and illustrator of books for children. He has worked extensively in film/TV, spending over a year creating the visual development for films such as Horton Hears A Who, Despicable Me, and others.

Together, the teaming of Turner and Catrow’s genius has produced an amazing, masterful use of story and pictures to bring out solid principles:

  • You are uniquely loved.
  • You are a masterpiece designed by God.
  • You are a part of God’s story.
  • Your personality and gifts showcase the glory of God.
  • You were brought into this world for a purpose.
  • Your creativity, insights and passions bring an important contribution to those around you.

Wow. I cannot say enough about the brilliance of creativity and tone in this book. Both the wordsmith and the illustrator color it with such vibrancy, it draws you into the rhythm with pure delight. I could not say I like one over the other, because they work hand-in-hand. It’s as if their collaboration came from one mind to create a fun and fantastic adventure for young and old alike.

Did I mention how much I like this book?! You don’t have to be in the target audience of ages 3 – 8 to appreciate an affirming word. Get it for yourself and see what a boost it will give you!


FTC disclaimer: “I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”