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Book Review: Rooted, The Hidden Places Where God Develops You by Banning Liebscher



Is it possible to eliminate confusion, give affirmation and recognize God at work? Banning Liebscher says it is, and we can, in his book, Rooted. In fact, Liebscher says it’s his goal, and used the life of David to flesh out three different types of soil God used to root David’s deep trust in Him.

Banning Liebscher is the founding pastor of Jesus Culture Sacramento, and tells the story of the growth of a movement, but, more importantly, the growth of individuals who allow God’s Word to become rooted in their hearts.

I had to read the book twice, because

  • I wanted to make sure I didn’t misinterpret what was being said.
  • I wanted to soak in the truths laid out.

One such area I misunderstood, the statement was made that we are all made for greatness. The second time through, it clarified, greatness is expressed through humility, love and service to others. What a difference in thought! The first sounded like entitlement. The second? Like Jesus! And Jesus served. He didn’t act entitled, but led by serving.

Liebscher gives examples from his own experiences to illustrate how God developed his character in the hidden places; those times of digging into Scripture and prayer. And the book is a clarion call to both. As Christians, we are admonished to let God take His time to shape us, before we step out to lead others. He says, “The small things are preparation as you move toward what God has called you to do.”

Liebscher invites us to run hard after Jesus, so that we will finish strong. His book lays out tools for that race, and encouragement for the runners. I heartily recommend it to all who would “build their house, fulfill God’s vision, bear fruit, make an impact and step into who The Lord created us to be.”


Disclaimer: “I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”