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Book Review: A Wife’s Secret to Happiness #wifestylin

In A Wife’s Secret to Happiness, author Jen Weaver says God longs to give eleven specific blessings to your life and marriage. She explores those gifts by sometimes tackling controversial issues in our culture today… submission, respect, interdependence and busyness, among others. I guarantee this book will make you squirm. Even as I celebrate my 30th anniversary this year, I find multiple areas in A Wife’s Secret to Happiness that challenge me to keep growing as a wife.

Jen Weaver is a millennial who is reaching out to her generation with a genuine love for Jesus and His Word. She’s a wife and mom working to flesh out the principles of God’s love in the context of her marriage, and she does so with refreshing transparency.

All girls walk down the aisle toward marital bliss, but few find the happily ever after. Jen proposes that we are looking instead, for unity, provision, safety, intimacy and partnership.

“Submission is divine empowerment that culture has confused and the enemy has contorted to mean oppression.” Jen uses the story of Naaman to illustrate her point. Naaman had leprosy and was told by the man of God to go and wash in the waters of the River Jordan. But Naaman was a person of influence who felt he was above following orders. When he submitted to the directions, he received the healing. Jen uses Naaman’s story, and others like him, to help us understand the blessings we receive when we do things God’s way. And really, that is the whole point, that following God’s plan is the way we find self-worth and confidence, instead of expecting our husbands to define who we are.

“Your man is part of God’s generosity in your life- the human heart to love you like Christ loves the church. Even if he falters, he is still part of God’s provision. Your man is not the ultimate provider. God is.”  Do you see how this is a heart issue? We’ve been chasing happiness instead of chasing God. He wants to meet our needs. He wants a relationship with each of us!

Jen says we are warriors, “doing mighty things in our families and marriages.” Just as Queen Esther filled a unique position and function as King Xerxes’ wife. She didn’t “usurp her husband’s authority or throw his stupidity in his face. She seeks the Lord and proves her character is of great worth.”

Jen brings up hard issues, and they’re hard to implement. But she also raises an important question. What does it mean to honor my husband?

Buy this book and explore the nuances in your own relationship with your husband. Look at the quizzes and online bonus tools. You just may be inspired to get a renewed perspective on your marriage, too!

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Book Review: 7 Secrets to an Awesome Marriage by Kim Kimberling, PhD

7 secrets

What does it take to build a good marriage? Take that answer and multiply it by 7… 7 Secrets to an Awesome Marriage. The author, Kim Kimberling has over 30 years of experience counseling couples in distress. But he advocates in a climate of bad statistics to fight for marriage, against all odds. Dr. Kimberling draws from research, counseling and study, but he also references his own marriage and lessons learned from the difficulties of life. He says, “Take the risk. God meant for marriage to be awesome.”

What does it look like to fight for an awesome marriage? Kimberling tackles issues of selfishness, apathy and money. But he does so in a conversational tone that makes you feel like you’ve just met a friend for a cup of coffee. He uses examples to explain the concepts and brings challenges and practical exercises for spouses to work through together. The action steps are clear and easy to understand, but not necessarily easy to follow. And that is the hard work of fighting for your marriage.

The book, 7 Secrets to an Awesome Marriage broaches an important topic. With families falling apart, do we really want to add another divorce? Society says, “Maybe I didn’t marry the right person?”

Kimberling says, “Fight for your marriage and see what God will do.”

I really like Kimberling’s approach to writing. He doesn’t gloss over issues but validates the need to learn good communication skills that will show compassion, authenticity and empathy to your spouse. Even the best marriages can find room to improve the connection that creates intimacy in the daily responsibilities of work, family and commitments. I’m adding this book to my gift list, for newlyweds and marriage veterans, alike. When the secrets are applied, they will change the landscape of marriage!

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