What Drew me to my Spouse?

Heart at the human hands
Heart at the human hands

In the early days, I was attracted to Roy’s curls at the base of his neck, and the way he kept his mustache and beard so well trimmed. He was ambitious, maintaining four part-time jobs in order to put himself through school. And he had a thirst to follow God, in every arena of life.

Through the years I’ve watched him hurdle obstacles that seemed insurmountable. And circumstances that felt unredeemable. Yet he did it hanging onto God’s promises, and trusting the Lord to see us through.

Now we are grandparents. In this season of life, I am so grateful for the memories that have become building blocks. They are a foundation of trust, faithfulness and perseverance. I am grateful for his loyal companionship in spite of the times I’ve acted in a manner that was less than attractive.

I’ve learned to give instead of always expecting more.

I’ve learned to respect, even when I didn’t understand.

And I’ve learned to appreciate the days we have together, for there is no guarantee of tomorrow.

On this Valentine’s Day, celebrate your spouse with words of affirmation. Remind him that he is still your hero. He needs to know you are still in his corner, because the world has a way of tearing you apart.


How have you learned to appreciate your spouse more over the years?

4 thoughts on “What Drew me to my Spouse?”

  1. Sally, you are a gifted writer! Your description of your relationship drew us into the folds of your life. You made the readers yearn to grow our relationship in your thoughtful way of viewing a relationship. Thinking of my 50 years of married “bliss” , I can see, in reminiscing, the peaks and valleys but mostly I see the initial spark fueled into love that joins loyalty with love. And with the love there is comfort and companionship. God is the author of a strong marriage.

    1. Thank you sweet Mary! Yes, every marriage has an ebb & flow, and has to be rekindled. I love your reminder that the relationship brings loyalty, love, comfort & companionship. 50 years is a wonderful accomplishment!

  2. I’ve learned to appreciate that one of the ways my husband loves me is by being my helper – picking up something at the grocery store even though he’s worn out from a long day at work – driving me to a women’s meeting when the weather is horrid – helping me open a bottle that just won’t budge.

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