The Five Senses of Christmas

Boxes of Christmas decorations come down from the attic and create havoc in my home. But the treasures that emerge overrule my dismay. Joy of joys, the kids are eager to help, and I am letting go of dictating where things must go. Their excitement at being involved is a greater gem!
One of my favorite jewels to unpack is a book by Terry Willits: Simply SenseSational Christmas. It provides candy for the eyes as you saunter through the pages.  Today, for Day One of Five, I want to highlight what she says about the Sights of Christmas.
Terry says “Beauty attracts. Making our homes visually appealing for Christmas will hopefully draw others in so relationships can grow.”
The idea that your home is a place for relationships is a motivator to make it charming! As people feel cherished, they will relax and connect. But Terry warns against making it complicated. Keep it simple! Here are four areas she suggests to highlight: the front door, the mantel, the Christmas tree, and the table and chandelier where you will serve your holiday meals.

It perks me up to dress up the house! Setting up various nativities, greenery and candles builds anticipation and entices me to make more time for hospitality. Did you know that people enjoy being invited into your home? It gives them a chance to see you in your natural element. At the holidays, it lets them observe your favorite traditions and feel included in your life.
So bring out the twinkling lights, the colors of Christmas and the treasures in your attic. It’s time to prepare our hearts and homes to celebrate the birth of our King!
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