How’s Your Sense of Smell?

Terry Willits says “Smell is the most influential sense we possess.  God wired up our noses to our brains so that the slightest smell can affect us.  Fragrances stir our emotions and affect our behavior.  The smell of peppermint perks us up and enhances concentration; the scent of pine or cedar soothes and calms.  The more pleasant our environment smells the more pleasant we are – reason enough to make our homes smell heavenly this holiday season!”

I’ve been thinking about the smells I love to have coming from the kitchen…warm cookies, fresh rolls baking, a turkey roasting.  I guess anything from the oven can create an enticing smell in the house!  What about when you’re not baking?  Flavored teas, coffees and hot chocolates can do the trick.  And French Vanilla creamer adds a touch of the sublime. Candles also come in many aromas, and pinecones thrown in the fireplace give off a woodsy bouquet.

Yesterday I hunted all over the office for the source of someone’s snack left behind.  I finally realized it was the vanilla-scented candle that I had gotten out with the Christmas decorations!  It wasn’t lit, but still crated an incredible smell that filled the whole room.

Today, when the kids got home from school, they popped some popcorn.  Wow – does that ever smell good!  It’s amazing how little it takes to alert the nose.  But it gives great benefits to the brain as those fragrances register!  Go ahead and look around the house for items you can use to tickle the nose.  You probably have some on hand right now!

Join us tomorrow when we taste (hint! hint!) Day 3 of The Five Senses of Christmas!


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