Do You Hear What I Hear?

What are the sounds that sing of Christmas for you? The choir practicing? The bell-ringer standing at The Salvation Army bucket? A favorite carol?

One of my favorite albums is Amy Grant’s: A Christmas Album. And I love the day after Thanksgiving, when our radio station plays non-stop Christmas music! However, in Simply SenseSational Christmas, Terry Willits says “At least one night this Christmas season, when the kids are in bed, turn off the television and enjoy the precious sound of silence. Take in the beautiful silence of a snowfall or a quiet, starry night. Sit on the sofa and talk with a loved one, or read a book in front of a crackling fire with no more sound than the turning of a page.”
I have to admit that the silence of Christmas is just as precious as the music. I love that time of the evening when everyone else is asleep and I can sit in front of the tree with all the rest of the lights off. The popping of the firelight casts images across the ornaments and settles me into a reflective mood. Yes, there are wonderful resolutions made in those quiet moments. Maybe that’s why God chose a silent night so long ago to announce the birth of His Son!
Lord, fine-tune my hearing, that I might be receptive when you speak. Amen
Originally published at Sally’s Words
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